Frameworks for Intercultural Learning


Transformational Learning

Transformational Learning


Powerful experiences in a supportive environment can promote deep learning which has a life-long impact.

(Source: Scoffham and Barnes 2009  ‘Transformational Experiences and Deep Learning’ in Journal of Education for Teaching 35, 3 p268)


The main learning experience was what I learnt about myself and my attitude to others. It is rather awful to realise that before I visited (India) my overriding feeling towards the people I was to meet was pity – almost in a superior way…..I very quickly realised that whilst they might need my help, they certainly didn’t need my pity and I quite envied some of them their lives. .. this was a very positive experience for me although rather painful.
Mature female teacher education student



  • Reflect on how inter cultural learning impacts on our sense of identity.


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