Frameworks for Intercultural Learning

Welcome teachers, students and all those who are interested in intercultural relations.

Nowadays there is a growing interest in intercultural learning. This website aims to stimulate debate about some of the issues which lie at the core of global intercultural learning. It is designed for teachers, students in training and all those who are interested in intercultural relations.


Recognising our role as global citizens is an essential part of living in the twenty first century. Global challenges such as climate change, the loss of biodiversity and conflicts between social groups require global solutions. 


Schools, universities and other educational institutions have a key role in developing critical and creative thinking about such issues, and intercultural learning is central to this process. However, the conversations which result will frequently challenge assumptions and go beyond the limits of Western models of development.


This site draws on the findings from the ESRC funded Global Partnerships for Mutual Learning research in two different ways:


  • By directly applying the findings from the project
  • By exploring themes and topics which have emerged from the research.

Our aim is to help you to think more deeply about how you interpret your inter-actions with people from a range of places and cultures. Although the website draws on thinking and research from both Western and Southern perspectives, we acknowledge that it is located within an Anglo-Saxon context and expressed through the medium of the English language. 


A central notion is that the nature of the relationship between people of different cultures is at the core of ethical and worthwhile intercultural learning experiences.


Bourn, D. (2014) The Theory and Practice of Global Learning, London: Development Education Research Centre, Institute of Education.


This website is organised around seven key themes.


Relationships Development Culture Assumptions Identity Charity Footprints


In addition to short explanatory texts and research findings, there are links to associated websites and suggestions for further reading.  It is helpful if you explore the section on relationships first because the ideas introduced here will inform how you approach the others.


The site has been developed under the auspices of a three-year project “Global Partnerships as Sites for Mutual Learning: teachers’ professional development through study visits”, funded by the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council).


Research findings from the project are set alongside other sources to challenge and stimulate new thinking. The references to further readings may prove particularly useful to those who are undertaking individual studies and research. 


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This site has been written by
Stephen Scoffham and Fran Martin.
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